Family Property Law

We offer client-specific and individualized services based on broad expertise in various sub-areas of family property law. Our strong expertise is highly visible in inheritance law, into which tax planning is naturally and intelligently combined. Our clients will receive practical and concrete information about order of succession, administration of the personal estate of a deceased person, distribution of inheritance and testaments, for example. In inheritance tax planning, we always highlight the importance of careful planning started well in advance in order to achieve the best possible end result.

Our services in matters related to inheritance law and inheritance tax planning include:

We compose continuing powers of attorney and living wills

We compose testaments

We compose various deeds of gifts including documents in a prescribed form

We compose estate inventory deeds

We compose agreements for partition and distribution of inheritance and testament execution documents

We act as independent executor of distribution of inheritance by order of the district court

We perform inheritance tax planning in advance, for example in the form of testaments or gifts, and afterwards, paying attention to different aspects of tax planning in distribution of inheritance, without neglecting the importance of matrimonial property relationships

In disputes relating to inheritance, we act as legal counsel for clients in administration of distribution of the estate of the deceased with the executor

We act as legal counsel in complaint processes for distribution of inheritance and testaments in contested trial cases

In the field of family law, we provide the following services, among others:

We compose prenuptial agreements and agreements for divorce beforehand

We compose agreements for division of property in case of divorce

We compose agreements regarding childcare, guardian of child, living, meeting and subsistence

We provide consulting and advice to clients

In case of dispute, we act as legal counsel in divorce-related division of property with the executor

We act as legal counsel in complaint processes for division of property in divorce and division of property proceedings

We act as legal counsel in contested child law matters in divorce or separation proceedings

We act as independent executor by order of the district court

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