IPR And Data Protection


Intellectual property rights, registrations

Our office’s services include legal guidance related to intellectual property rights (IPR). We assist companies with agreements related to technology partnerships and licensing.

We act as a trademark agent domestically and worldwide, taking care of businesses’ registration needs and promotion of their interests. Our experts include an IPR expert who is qualified as an EU trademark agent.

Data protection

Paying attention to data protection is now required in the operations of all entities. Small as well as large companies and other entities are required to acknowledge and take into account national and European data protection regulations.

Our experts are able to provide guidance on general data protection as well as special issues related to protection of patient data in the healthcare field, for instance. We act as an adviser and trainer on issues related to data protection for companies and especially compliance with the new EU data protection regulation (GDPR).

Our experts in matters related to IPR and data protection:

Pauli Sortti

Pauli Sortti

Partner, Attorney-at-Law

+358 50 490 0144

Tuomas Aho

Tuomas Aho

Partner, Attorney-at-Law,
Licentiate of Laws

+358 50 526 3451