Construction, Housing And Real Estate Law

Construction law is in our comfort zone

Construction law

We assist building developers and builders with matters related to building contracts. Problems may occur during a building project; they often deal with building and architect contracts. The prompt solution of disputes is in both parties’ interest. We try to achieve the best solution for our client through negotiation. Our attorneys are experienced in litigation and in drafting building and project contracts. We pride ourselves on practically workable contracts. Our practical and resourceful way of working guarantees a solution, no matter the size of the project in question.

Housing company matters

Housing company law is one of our core competencies. We assist both housing companies and shareholders in all issues of housing company law. Our attorneys are at our clients’ disposal for all legally challenging situations, whether they relate to dispute resolution and litigation, drawing up agreements and documents, or business arrangements. Our areas of expertise include, for instance, complaints of the General Meeting, taking possession of apartments, amendments to the Articles of Association, representation and consultation in the General Meeting and Directors’ Meeting, legal issues related to building contracts, and liability issues and damages.

Housing and real estate disputes

Buying housing or real estate is a major economic investment. If any problems should occur during the process, it is advisable to immediately contact a lawyer to solve them effectively. Our lawyers have a lot of experience solving trade disputes concerning housing and real estate. When facing a dispute turn to us for assistance, whether you are a seller or a buyer. We assist trade partners in all phases of the process: from drafting a sales agreement to a possible dispute resolution in court. It is advisable to seek a solution outside of court to solve the problem with less time and money. If a settlement is not reached, the matter will be decided in court.


To minimize legal risks related to renting, it is advisable to seek advice from an attorney early on. We are at our clients’ disposal for all issuing related to renting. Our lawyers work on matters concerning not only business premises and apartments, but also land rentals. We assist our clients with, among others, drawing up rental agreements, problems arising during the rental and termination of rental agreements. We represent our clients during legal proceedings for disputes related to renting.
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