About Us

Roihu Attorneys Ltd is a law firm specializing in the field of labor law, with strong expertise in several other legal areas. In addition to labor law, our experts specialize in housing and construction law, competition and procurement law, administrative law, and family property law.

We serve businesses and public organizations. Our clients range from domestic small and medium-sized enterprises to leading companies and significant publicly traded companies from Finland and abroad. We respond to our clients’ requirements with our specialized expertise and agility. We also represent individuals in our areas of expertise. Our offices are located in Helsinki and Tampere.

The lawyers at Roihu Law firm are all specialists in their respective fields of law, united by a constant desire to develop their own expertise and act as influencers in their legal domains. We understand that in-depth specialization and thorough understanding of our clients’ business needs serve our clients most effectively.

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Law firm Law Talent Ltd was founded by the Sortti brothers. The first office was opened in Helsinki.

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Expansion to Tampere

We opened our second office in Tampere.

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Roihu is Established

The company changed its name to Roihu Attorneys Ltd. We welcomed new partners, and the company began to grow. The Helsinki office moved to Pasila, and the Tampere office to Dynamo’s premises.

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Move to Bulevardi

Our Helsinki office expanded, and we found new premises on Bulevardi.

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Move to Hämeenkatu

The Tampere office outgrew its space, and we found additional space in a great location at Hämeenkatu 9.

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An expansion was made at the Tampere office, and we acquired new additional space.

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Move to Ympyrätalo

In the fall of 2023, the Helsinki office moved from Bulevardi to Ympyrätalo. We gained stunning views of Töölönlahti and more space for growth.

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Roihu’s Values

  • Passion for achievement
  • Succes through collaboration
  • Desire for innovation and development
  • Excellent workplace
    (ethicalness, fairness, motivating compensation and career advancement, good reputation, modern expert organization)

Roihu’s Vision

  • Excellent workplace to work
  • Excellent quality of service and operations
  • Customer-oriented, positive attitude
  • Helping and solving problems for customers
  • Customers feel they gain added value from our services

Our Staff is Our Most Important Asset

We regularly organize staff days for the entire team to spend time together. These days have become very popular, and the whole staff eagerly participates in them. We value good cooperation and teamwork. All of these are promoted through shared events.

Oikeus jaksaa- Campaign

We participated in the #oikeusjaksaa (#therighttoendure) campaign organized by the Finnish Bar Association related to well-being at work. We are committed to following the principles even after the end of the campaign.


  1. We listen to our staff, and any deficiencies related to supervision or working hours are investigated and rectified.
  2. We regularly review staffing levels and workload distribution. We address any issues if necessary, using occupational safety measures, and compensate staff for any overtime worked with pay or time off.
  3. A well-being employee is an advantage for the law firm’s clients. We regularly conduct well-being surveys and involve the members of our work community to consider solutions for a better work culture while fostering a more open communication culture in our office.

Collaboration / Sponsorship

We engage in collaborations, including in the field of sports. We are the main partner of Tamhockey Oy/Tappara.