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Roles at Roihu

Explore in more detail the types of roles we have to offer. If you’d like to learn more, get in touch with our partners.


Lawyers, legal professionals, attorneys, counsels. Despite the title, our team of top experts are specialists in their own field of law, driven by a continuous desire to develop their expertise and act as influencers in their respective legal domains. In addition to labor law, we specialize in housing and construction law, business law, competition and procurement law, administrative law, and family property law.

Success in this role requires not only a passion for law but also initiative, diligence, and commitment to the best interests of the client.

At Roihu, you’ll have the opportunity to develop under the mentorship of experienced attorneys, while also taking responsibility for handling assignments independently. However, we also value the personal time of our staff as a counterbalance to career development.

Legal Interns

Law students play a crucial role at Roihu, supporting attorneys in their assignments. A typical workday includes legal research, client service, and various office routines related to client meetings.

Success in this role requires attention to detail, organizational skills, the ability to work independently and proactively, excellent proficiency in office software, strong command English language, and a strong customer service attitude.

At Roihu, we offer a pleasant and educational work environment, allowing you to work 2-3 days a week to accommodate your study schedule.

Office Managers

The master of coordination who keeps the office running smoothly and meets deadlines.

Responsibilities include tasks related to assignments and billing, event organization, website updates, and various day-to-day activities. Depending on your skills and interests, the job description can also include diverse tasks related to marketing and communication.

“ I particularly value at Roihu the genuine passion we have for our legal work, and the authentic enthusiasm we share for jurisprudence, as well as the opportunity to assist clients, especially during challenging workplace transitions.

Simultaneously, our team also places great importance on work-life balance and invests in maintaining a balance between professional and personal life. This can mean spending time with family, engaging in sports, being in nature, or travelling, depending on the individual.

Caring for our well-being is an extremely important value at Roihu, and it benefits our clients as well.”

Maria Penttilä

Attorney-at-Law, Partner 2016-

“At Roihu, it’s easy to integrate legal studies and work. Here, you can apply knowledge obtained in your studies to real-life situations, and conversely, the experience and knowledge gained from practical work guide your course choices in your studies.

Roihu is an excellent place to evolve from a law student to a Master of Laws and continue your career as a lawyer, all within the company of pleasant and skilled colleagues.”

Sanni Pakkala

Legal intern 2018-2021, Lawyer 2021-2023

“What I value most at Roihu is that everyone can find their own place here and can be their authentic self.  I appreciate the combination of demanding expert work and the relaxing atmosphere.

Comprehensive well-being is given a lot of attention at Roihu, particularly with a strong emphasis on work ergonomics, facilities, and the integration of work and leisure time.”

Anna Haavisto

Office Manager 2018-2022

“Roihu has a team of inspiring and ambitious experts. We have expertise in many different areas of law. I think the best thing about Roihu is the excellent working community between all employees. In particular, I would like to praise our excellent employment law team, which has the right spirit to get things done, but also knows how to take things easy. The work is interesting and varied, and the encounters with clients are, of course, one of the best things about being a lawyer.”

Hanna Lahti

Lawyer 2021-

“At Roihu, lawyers can focus on their core areas of expertise, so they quickly become experts in their field. This is supported by an excellent working environment and the opportunity to flexibly balance work and free time.
The best thing about Roihu is not only the development of one’s own expertise, but also the helpful and friendly work community and the low hierarchy, which contribute to both well-being at work and the ability to handle demanding assignments.”

Joona Tapio

Lawyer 2023-

“I worked at Roihu for the fist couple of years as a legal intern, and after that, I had the opportunity to continue as a lawyer. What I particularly appreciate at Roihu is the open and ambitious atmosphere created by colleagues, interesting job tasks, and a low hierarchy. Because of these factors, among others, it was clear that I wanted to continue at Roihu as a lawyer after graduating.”

Tessa Auvinen

Legal intern 2019-2021, Lawyer 2022-

“From the perspective of a legal intern, the best thing about Roihu was the work community, where I immediately felt welcomed, and the atmosphere was encouraging with a strong sense of team spirit. Additionally, the best part at Roihu for a legal intern was the diverse job description, which, in my opinion, allowed me to learn the practical routines of a law firm and deepen my expertise in various legal fields through interesting research tasks. As a legal intern at Roihu, I felt that my work was highly meaningful, as I could receive feedback from colleagues if wanted, and interaction among everyone was flawless.”

Sini Kausamo

Legal intern 2021-2022

At Roihu, there is an excellent work atmosphere and a proactive work attitude. In addition, the tasks for legal interns are highly versatile, which maintains the interest in the assignments.”

Sakari Lepistö

Legal intern 2021-