Construction is subject to several different laws, ranging from the Act on the contractor’s liability to the land use and building act. Legislation that obligates both the client and the contractor can be found in dozens of laws, regulations, and other official directives. From a contractual perspective, construction projects often involve the parties agreeing upon the general contract conditions for construction contracts, known as YSE 1998. These are typically used in cases of professional project management. For agreements between consumers and contractors, general consumer contract terms for construction work, known as RYS-9 1998, are usually applied. Similarly, design agreements involve the adoption of the general contract conditions for consulting services, known as KSE 2013. Familiarity with these contract conditions is essential for the successful realization of a construction project.

The majority of construction projects are executed through standard construction contracts, often using the aforementioned general contract conditions as they are or with minor modifications. The most common disputes in relation to construction work revolve around disagreements on matters such as compensation for additional or modified work carried out during the project, their impact on the project timeline, and their alignment with general contract conditions.

We have assisted our clients with land use agreements, zoning and property formation, design and construction contract agreements, practices in the implementation phase of projects, and dispute situations related to the aforementioned contracts.

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