Seller’s obligations in the sale of a used apartment

In a sale of a used apartment, the seller must transfer to the buyer the possession of the apartment and the share certificate or other document relating to the ownership or possession of the apartment, usually as agreed in the sales contract. If the transfer of documents has not been agreed, they must be transferred at the same time as the transfer of the possession of the apartment.

The seller has a duty of disclosure in residential housing transactions. The seller must provide information on his/her own initiative on all matters that may influence the buyer’s decision to purchase, such as defects in the apartment or repairs that have been carried out. The seller must disclose any special information about the object of the sale of which he must be presumed to have been aware and of which the buyer could have expected to have been informed. In practice, this means that the seller must tell the buyer if the apartment deviates from the normal standard in any respect.

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