Physical and psychological safety at work

We consult and train companies on occupational health and safety. Our clients are companies of all sizes, including many leading companies in various industrial and commercial sectors. Our aim is to help our clients promote health and safety in the workplace and prevent occupational hazards. Our aim is to help our clients minimise the potential risks to their health and safety at work, to avoid problems arising and, ultimately, to avoid an investigation by the authorities and criminal proceedings.

We believe that avoiding conflict situations related to occupational health and safety is also a clear business advantage for the client. Responsible occupational health and safety management improves and maintains a good working atmosphere and creates a positive company image. In addition, it reduces costs in concrete terms, for example by reducing sick leaves and avoiding potentially lengthy and expensive litigation.

Focusing on occupational health and safety issues prevents accidents and also has an impact on the employer’s liability in the event of an accident. We train companies on the key issues of legal responsibility and criminal liability of employers. Small changes in company practices can have a significant impact on the level of health and safety in the workplace, the working atmosphere and also on the responsibilities of the different actors involved.

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