Occupational health and safety

Promoting Occupational Health and Safety to Avoid Problematic Situations

Workplace safety is the responsibility of the employer, but promoting well-being at work is something that should involve the entire workplace. Occupational health and safety increasingly emphasizes mental well-being and promoting a healthy work environment. Collaborative efforts among different stakeholders in the workplace and a customized well-being program tailored to the needs of each workplace can enhance workability and prevent the emergence of problematic situations. Many issues can be avoided through proactive and timely actions.


Occupational Health Services as Specialized Experts

Occupational health services are specialized experts in well-being at work, and they can assist in almost all situations. However, the employer cannot outsource their responsibility for occupational safety and well-being. It is recommended to build a functional cooperation and establish common guidelines with the occupational health service provider.

Occupational Health and Safety From a Legal Perspective

Occasionally, occupational safety involves legal questions. In such cases, we help assess the situation and explore various options for progression. We approach the issue not only from a legal perspective, but also from the point of view of good personnel management. We have extensive experience in practical occupational safety activities and the role of supervisors as promoters of mental well-being and workplace health. Our goal is to find the right solution for each situation.

We provide consultation on, for example, the following matters:

  • Frequent sick leaves and decreased work capacity
  • Changes in job tasks and managerial options
  • Partial work disability, partial sickness allowance, and work trials
  • Experiences of workplace bullying – legal and HR-based problem-solving
  • Collaboration and responsibilities with occupational health services
  • Communication with occupational safety authorities.
  • Criminal proceedings relating to occupational safety and health, discrimination, etc.

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