Public sector employment law

We consult and assist public sector clients in challenging legal situations related to the entire employment relationship life cycle. Our services cover, for example, the following:

  • Employment and hiring: We assist in salary comparisons and the legality assessment of fixed-term employment criteria.
  • Fair and non-discriminatory treatment during employment.
  • Contracts for senior officials: We assist in drafting, negotiating and interpreting contracts of senior officials. We consult in situations where there is a wish to terminate the contract of a senior official by mutual agreement.
  • Reorganizations: We consult in various restructuring processes, situations involving corporate spin-offs, business transfers, and related negotiation procedures, as well as managing personnel implications.
  • Disputes related to employment and official relationships: We assist in various investigative, hearing, and negotiation procedures. We assess the legal requirements for terminating the employment relationship. We act as legal representatives in different courts, general courts, administrative courts, and the labor court.
  • We provide assistance in preparing the necessary documents and administrative decisions.

Our experts have extensive experience in public sector employment law issues within the government, municipalities, and parishes. We understand that consulting on public sector employment matters requires familiarity with the operating environment and other relevant legislation.

We serve our clients effectively by taking into account not only employment law but also regulations concerning administrative procedures and the content of collective agreements.

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Public sector employment law

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