Employment law consultation

Practical consulting for working life situations

We consult our customers on a daily basis in various labor law issues.  We serve flexibly and efficiently. Our customer’s interest is always a priority, and we are able to offer our customers value-producing and practical solutions.

We offer legal consultation in the following areas, among others:

  • employment, manager and CEO contracts.
  • non-disclosure, non-competition, solicitation bans
  • performance bonus etc. incentive and commitment arrangement
  • recruitment situations
  • various situations in the work community, such as workplace bullying
  • change negotiations during redundancies and other organisational changes
  • employment disputes in court or arbitration
  • occupational safety and health matters
  • occupational crime procedures
  • working time and annual leave
  • international working situations
  • providing and using hired labor
  • questions related to the application of collective agreements.
  • data protection in working life
  • intellectual property rights in employment relationships

We understand that every employer and workplace is different. We take into account the customer’s operating environment and goals. Thanks to our long and versatile experience, we are able to take into account not only the legal aspects but also the aspects of good personnel policy.

We offer

Employment law consultation

Organizational change process

Employment and management agreements

Situations of termination of employment

Occupational health and safety

Public sector employment law

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