Changes to the terms of employment

Changes to the terms of the employment relationship can be agreed upon between the employer and the employee. The employer can implement certain minor changes in employment relationships also unilaterally within the limits of their right to supervise work. More significantly than this, the conditions can be changed following the termination procedure, either in negotiations with an individual employee or as part of broader change negotiations. Choosing the right procedure is often open to interpretation and challenging.

The risks of an incomplete change process

Before taking measures, it is essential to find out the legal risks associated with the situation and the right implementation methods. The risks of an incompletely implemented change process include claims of breach of contract, unjustified termination of the employment contract or violation of the Cooperation Act with sanctions. In addition, an incorrect procedure endangers the well-being of the working community and the reputation of the employer.

Support for the implementation of the change process

We consult in mapping the needs for changes in labor law and in choosing and implementing the approach that best suits our customers’ needs. We also assist in negotiations regarding changes and in the preparation of documents, as well as in resolving possible disagreements. According to our experience, when implementing changes, it is also essential to take into account the central importance of a successful personnel policy for business operations.

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