Training and support of managers

A critical factor in the success of the organizational change process is often the commitment and engagement of the personnel to the process. The key factors here are usually all the employer’s representatives and immediate supervisors, who influence the success with their actions, example and attitude. A change, which may involve, for example, a reduction in the workforce, is in any case mentally difficult for the entire personnel – including managers, even if their own position in the change is secured.

The central importance of personnel management

Personnel management experts play a key role in the process planning, taking into account in advance the need for emotional support before the start of the process, during it and after the formal change process. Often, in terms of the organization’s productivity and well-being, the most decisive thing is to take care of work community’s remaining personnels’ adaptation and commitment after the change to the new operating structure and the possible change of the operating concept and culture.

The essentiality of knowledge of labor legislation

The success of the employer’s representatives and immediate supervisors in their own tasks in the midst of change is also often facilitated by the fact that they have sufficient expertise and understanding of the labor legislation applicable to the situation. Our customers have found it useful that all the employer’s representatives and immediate supervisors have received training on, for example, the cooperation procedure and the legal requirements for changing work tasks and reducing the workforce. In this way, it has also been possible to significantly reduce the legal risks related to the change process, when all supervisors have understood how the employer’s representatives should act during the process and why.

We have experience and expertise in training supervisors in a way that takes into account not only legal issues but also the well-being of the working community in changing situations.

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