Elisa Ilmoniemi

Family property law, 

Estate distributor in divorce and distribution of inheritance processes, 
Legal proceedings, dispute resolution, Insurance law

Elisa Ilmoniemi

Partner, Attorney-at-Law

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Elisa Ilmoniemi has more than ten years of experience as an attorney, especially in the field of family and inheritance law. At our office, Elisa is responsible for handling the assignments of private individuals with responsibility for family property law.

Elisa prepares various documents for our clients, such as prenuptial agreements, guardianship authorizations, gift deeds, wills, estate inventory deeds, and division of assets and inheritance agreements. Elisa also acts as a counsel and assistant to our clients in division of assets and inheritance processes.

Elisa has acted as a court-assigned estate distributor in divorce divisions, as well as an estate administrator and executor of the distribution of large and complex estates. During her career, Elisa has written dozens of extensive estate distribution solutions for divorce distribution and inheritance.

Elisa assists our clients with several years of experience in legal proceedings in various instances in general and administrative courts. Elisa has expertise in mediation procedures. She is also responsible for handling assignments in the area of child law.

Practice areas

Family property law (child law, marriage law, inheritance law, inheritance tax planning)
Estate distributor in divorce and distribution of inheritance processes
Legal proceedings, dispute resolution, mediation
Insurance law


Attorney-at-Law, 2011
Court training, 2007
Master of Laws (LL.M.), 2005


Attorney-at-Law, Asianajotoimisto Alfa Oy, 2007–2016
Tampere District Court, Junior District Judge, 2007
Tampere District Court, District Notary, 2006–2007
Keskinäinen Vakuutusyhtiö Turva, 2003–2005


Finnish Bar Association
Member of Finnish Bar Association expert group in family and inheritance law, 2018–2022
Member of Finnish Bar Association training committee, 2016–2022
Senior training instructor of Finnish Bar Association, Tavastia department, 2016–
Member of Finnish Bar Association youth commission, 2016