International working situations

The operations of many of our customers are international, for example in the following ways:

  • A subsidiary or a branch of an international group is located in Finland
  • A foreign company sends employees to work temporarily in Finland
  • A foreign company buys the stock or business of a Finnish company
  • A Finnish company sends employees to work temporarily in the EU region or outside of it
  • The Finnish company has employees permanently working abroad
  • A Finnish company recruits foreign workers and considers various suitable forms of work
  • A Finnish company wants to expand abroad, but it is looking for ways to expand without recruiting its own employees.

Employers must decide on a case-by-case basis whether, among other things, an international employment situation exists. For example, the question may arise as to which country’s law should apply and which collective agreement, if any, should be applied. In international situations, the employer must also, amongst other things, correctly take into account the law on foreigners and the law on posted workers.

We assist our customers in drafting suitable employment contract terms, but also in unclear situations where the terms have not been agreed clearly enough in advance. We also have experience acting as a representative in situations where an international customer needs to obtain a statutory representative in Finland. If necessary, we will also assist in situations where the legal analysis of the case requires knowledge of the content of the law of another country, and find the appropriate partner for each situation. We also assist our clients in agreeing rules for remote working abroad.

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